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At grefiglo organics we provide you the best organic inputs available in market to fulfill the customer needs.


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We have a wide range of products suitable for all the plants .All of our products are developed by keeping customer needs and environmental safety in mind .we test all our products  thousands of times in different soils and in different climatic conditions for the best results before releasing  into market.

Plant care

We assist all our customers with all there  quires regarding  their  plant health .you can mail us the issue with pictures of it and we will  provide you with a solution within 48 hrs .we care for your plant as much as you do .

Quality & customer satisfaction

Our main motto is customer satisfaction .
We maintain the best quality in our products . Today our feather in the cap is the state of r&d facilities provide and objective to invent new agro molecules to facilitate the plant.


You can buy our products through our website ,or  by mailing or giving us a call .we are registered in all leading e commerce website so you can buy from there also .and we will give you a call regarding the usage of product and other quires whichever you have .And the products will be delivered to you free of cost within a limited time period.

Our Specialities

Alkaline Soils or Saline Soils

Alkali, or alkaline, soils are clay soils with high pH (> 8.5), a poor soil structure and a low infiltration capacity. Often they have a hard calcareous layer at 0.5 to 1 metre depth. Alkali soils owe their unfavorable physico-chemical properties mainly to the dominating presence of sodium carbonate, which causes the soil to swell and difficult to clarify/settle.

Alkaline soils are difficult to take into agricultural production. Due to the low infiltration capacity, rain water stagnates on the soil easily and, in dry periods, cultivation is hardly possible without copious irrigated water and good drainage. Agriculture is limited to crops tolerant to surface waterlogging (e.g. rice, grasses) and the productivity is low.

Bacterial Leaf Blight

Bacterial blight is caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae.

It causes wilting of seedlings and yellowing and drying of leaves.

The disease is most likely to develop in areas that have weeds and stubble’s of infected plants. It can occur in both tropical and temperate environments, particularly in irrigated and rainfed lowland areas. In general, the disease favors temperatures at 25−34°C, with relative humidity above 70%.

It is commonly observed when strong winds and continuous heavy rains occur, allowing the disease-causing bacteria to easily spread through ooze droplets on lesions of infected plants.

Bacterial blight can be severe in susceptible rice varieties under high nitrogen fertilization.

Bacterial blight is one of the most serious diseases of rice. The earlier the disease occurs, the higher the yield loss.

Yield loss due to bacterial blight can be as much as 70% when susceptible varieties are grown, in environments favourable to the disease.

When plants are infected at booting stage, bacterial blight does not affect yield but results in poor quality grains and a high proportion of broken kernels.